Lynnsport Ladybirds Running -  Summer 2021


Groups will be back to larger numbers for each group from 26th May. No need to break into smaller groups of 6.


Leaders for each colour to organise pace within the group.


Pace Groups

  • Blue - Walking pace 15-20 min mile
  • Green - Slow pace, includes some walking 13-14.5 min mile
  • Yellow - Medium pace 11-13 min mile
  • Red - Fast pace 9-11 min mile


Here's the plan!

  1. Meet at the front of Lynnsport at 6.15 
  2. Know which pace group you wish to run with
  3. The coloured groups will be identified by the coloured bibs
  4. There will be no subs to be paid for the time being
  5. Scan the QR Code if you wish when you arrive
  6. Check in with your group leader who will record your name
  7. Make sure no one is left running alone
  8. Make sure you give pedestrians on your route plenty of room when passing



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