Lynnsport Ladybirds Running - Autumn 2020


With the new lockdown due to start on Thursday 5th November, this Wednesday run will be our last for the forseeable future. With the government guidelines currently stating that you can meet one other person for exercise we are encouraging Ladybirds to get each other's contact details and pair up to keep exercising during lockdown. 


To assist in tracking all attendances can all group leaders please pass a copy of your list to Liz either by email at or by having her take a photo of your list before you start the run.



Route (see maps under timetable)


4th Nov 2020

Short – Route 9

(4.6 km/2.9 ml)

(Out and Back)


Beulah St, Wootton Rd, Rosebery Ave, Field Lane, Kensington Rd, Queensway, Gayton Rd to Small roundabout then return


Long – Route 8

(9.9 km/6.1 ml)


Either Direction

Cycle path, Reid Way, Bus Lane, Bryggen Rd, Bergen Way, Edward Benefer Way, John Kennedy Rd, Austin St, Gaywood Rd, Lynn Rd, Wootton Rd, Edward Benefer Way, Cycle path




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