Lynnsport Ladybirds Running - Autumn 2020


We shall be looking closely at the new social gathering rules before our run next week (16th September 2020) and update the website and Facebook as soon as we can.


To assist in tracking all attendances can all group leaders please pass a copy of your list to Liz either by email at or by having her take a photo of your list before you start the run.



Route (see below timetables for maps)

16th Sept 2020

Short – Route 6

(4.5 km/2.8 ml)


Greenpark Avenue, Columbia Way, Loke Rd, John Kennedy Rd, Austin St, Gaywood Rd, Lynn Rd, Wootton Rd, Beulah St

Long – Route 9

(7.3 km/4.5 ml)


Beulah St, Wootton Rd, Rosebery Ave, Field Lane, Kensington Rd, Queensway, Gayton Rd, Cycle Path, Elsing Drive, Reffley Lane, Fenland Rd, Wootton Rd, Beulah St

23rd Sept 2020

Short – Route 7

(4.6 km/2.8 ml)


Cycle Path, The Walks, London Rd, The Walks, Tennyson Avenue, Gaywood Rd, Cycle path

Long – Route 1

(7.3 km/4.5 ml)


Cycle path, Reid Way, Bus Lane, Hamburg Way, Spenser Rd, Dawney Avenue, Ffolkes Drive, Wootton Rd, Grimston Rd, Langley Rd, Reffley Lane, Fenland Rd, Wootton Rd, Beulah St

30th Sept 2020

Short – Route 5

(5.5 km/3.4 ml)


Cycle path/footpath, Edward Benefer Way, Hall Lane, Church Lane, Nursery Lane, Common Lane, Castle Rising Rd, Wootton Rd, Beulah St

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