Welcome to Lynnsport Ladybirds

Who are we?

We are an all women's running club who run for "Fun, Fitness and Friendship".  The club was founded in 1993 and is open to all women from the age of 16+. Members meet on a Wednesday night in and around the King's Lynn area.


Our group is made up of mixed ability runners who run for fitness and to meet others of a like mind. We run in small groups, matching running speed and distances.  On a typical Wednesday night some members do a gentle run/walk of 2-3 miles while faster and endurance groups can run up to 6 miles round the town during the winter. In the summer we travel out of town to local beauty spots and run following trails and paths. 


If you are new to running and want to join us why not visit our Beginners page for more details.  Our next beginners course will run for 6 weeks starting 19th January 2022. 


Why an all women club?

Some women may feel threatened by running with men who are often more competitive. Being in a club encourages motivation and confidence.


How much does it cost to be a member?

Annual membership of £2 on joining then payment for weekly runs is 50p per session. From this money the club insures all its members.


About us

Lynnsport Ladybirds has helped women in the Lynn area get fit and make friends since 1993.


Started originally as a Reebok Running Sisters group the group changed it's name and with encouragement from the Borough Council of King's Lynn and West Norfolk Council began running beginners courses. Currently the club has over 60 members with anywhere between 20-30 attending weekly runs, this changes depending upon individual commitments.


Members take part in a number of local runs such as the Run for All Grand East Anglian Run (GEAR), Race for Life, Peterborough Half-Marathon, Cambridge Half-Marathon, Great North Run and many more organised events.


We organise a number of social events during the year, for example our New Year meal and at least one barbeque to allow our members to get together and have a good catch up session.


Our AGM is held in September each year and again in March to allow members to raise, discuss and vote upon new ideas.


If you already run contact our chair for more information about our running sessions chair@lynnsportladybirds.co.uk


If you are a beginner contact our coaches at beginners@lynnsportladybirds.co.uk


To contact our Treasurer email treasurer@lynnsportladybirds.co.uk


To contact our Secretary email secretary@lynnsportladybirds.co.uk


To contact our website controller email web@lynnsportladybirds.co.uk


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